writeYou need to be careful with books. Stories, especially. They can lead you astray…

They can inspire you to take on challenges you would never dare face, they can teach you old ways and new to handle tough situations, they can make you ask questions that will change your life. And, if you choose to write them, stories can demand you share pieces of yourself that you never knew you had.

I’ve moved countries because I fell in love with the myths of other lands.
I learned karate one-on-one with my sensei because a heroine I admired in a novel showed it could be done quicker that way and I never was a patient person.
And I write because I would never sleep if I didn’t get the stories out of my head and stuck down close enough to what I imagined in order to move on to the next idea.

If fantasy and folklore and a touch of romance are your thing, you’ve come to the right place.



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