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You are what you do every day…

So the old saw goes and I write every day. Okay, so it’s actually at night more often than it’s not, but that’s because the smaller humans in the house are asleep and they interrupt me less.

I’ve been writing fiction since I could hold a pen. Somewhere I have proof of this: my mum kept a scrap of my Star Wars fan-fiction, written at age 6. I believe I’d invented another sister for Luke and Leia because a playmate was peeved at how I always took the role of the Princess. (Her brother used to double between Han and Vader but that’s another story.) I should add that my name for this girl sucked: Princess Leia Walker. Yeah. Not confusing at all.

I still write fantasy/sci fi. Less of the sci fi these days, although occasionally I’m tempted.

My recently completed work is an urban fantasy set in Ireland. (Working with what I know, heh.) I’m shipping that out to the world of agents and publishing at the minute and it’s an amazingly emotional experience.

That work doing the rounds, I’ve started on a new novel. (Just when my husband thought he might start getting the dishes done for him again.)

This is the goal: to create books that make my readers enter Stage 4 of the Reading Zone.

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