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I’m new to Conventions but I’m hooked.

Last year I hit two: the Romance Writers Association and GenreCon. I was a total noob for the first and a rather more enthusiastic guest for the second. (More on these later.)

This year, it’s looking like I’ll not only attend two or maybe even three if I can make ConFLUX… but will be an active participant.

First on the line-up is SwanCon. This has been running in my home town for years and I have never been. I got excited about it this year because Tamora Pierce was on the guest-of-honour list as well as Anne Bishop, Isobelle Carmody and Jim Butcher. That’s quite the line-up for a local fan-based convention.

Giddy with the idea of meeting Tamora, I picked up another four of her books (I now have all but five of her prolific output) and then went along to the planning session where people kicked around ideas of what forums, panels and topics they wanted. This was cool and, in the spirit of things, I put my hand up for some too.

Dangerous, dangerous thing to do!

Now I am down for panels and probably will also give a paper on my all time favourite and most influential writer that I have adored since I was about twelve: Diana Wynne Jones.

Hence the image above, as my paper is called “Dragons and Quantum Foam: Mythic Archetypes and Modern Physics in Selected Works by Diana Wynne Jones”.

Also, because I like coffee. Good coffee. A lot.

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