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Expatriate Welshman, Owen Jones, would give his soul to have a future with his lover, Simran Sen. Unfortunately, he bartered his soul away as a child and now has no means of saving himself from slipping away into a land beyond time – for who would believe he has been claimed by an ancient goddess?

Not lapsed Hindu, Simran, who stopped believing in fairytales the day her husband left her for her brother. Distrustful of Owen’s motivations and phobic about commitment, she knows she should stay away from the temptation of his company.

More than her conscience is stung, however, when she learns Owen has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. As Owen is drawn further and further into the dreamland quest of a Dark Ages king, Simran must decide how far she is prepared to trust her instincts – and her man. For if she is to get into his head to help defeat his inner goddess, she must be prepared to confront the possibility of an inescapable eternity together.

Book 1: God of Summer (Completed)

Irish tour guide and Celtic god, Angus McCraggan, is struggling to keep his past buried in the Bronze Age.

Thousands of years ago, Angus agreed to be interred within the hollow hill of Newgrange in order to save his people from a destiny of darkness. Recently released, Angus discovers he has failed. Newgrange has developed into Ireland’s premier tourist site, while his people have faded into a race of hungry shadows. As a subject of the usurping Lord of the Dead, Angus is now cursed with more than a guilty conscience: he must steal emotions from the living to bring his kin back from the brink of extinction.

When grieving American, Liz O’Neill, joins his tour more than his secrets are unearthed. Liz needs help with her family’s banshee problem and she has an offer Angus can’t refuse. Accepting it, however, will cost him not only his life, but the freedom of everyone he cares about.

GOD OF SUMMER is my second completed manuscript.

Book 2: Lady of Shadows (In progress)
After more than a thousand years as a perfect saint, Brigid’s time for miracles is over. Helping her brother, Angus, achieve his destiny came with a price: she is stuck in a dog’s body, unable to consciously change shape. Denying she has physical needs used to be the source of her power. Now, if she doesn’t master the skill she has always failed at, she and the rest of her kind will lose their humanity forever.

Australian information smuggler, Sam Beaumont, is offline and in trouble. His last data dump cost him everything but the pack on his back. Escaping from Dublin into the rural Irish countryside, he bonds with man’s best friend… only to find she is the woman of his dreams.

Brigid knows Sam is a scoundrel desperate for a ticket home. How far can she trust him in helping her and her cause without him being tempted to cash in on the biggest secret of his career?

Newgrange temple mound
Newgrange with its quartz and granite facade
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