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I have two full manuscripts in their final stages of editing.

God of Summer

After he gave his heart to save her, how can she take his life?

Once the Irish God of Love, Angus McCraggan, is now a guide at one of Ireland’s major tourist attractions: the hollow hill of Newgrange. To protect his new neighbors from the horrors his people have become, he keeps his past buried in the Bronze Age – until an American with a banshee problem ruins his tour.

Erin De Santos is an Irish-born New Yorker who hasn’t been herself since her father was murdered by a banshee. Believing Angus can raise her father’s ghost, she seeks him out for a miracle. Knowing the cost, Angus refuses to raise the dead.

But when the banshee kills Erin, Angus pays the price without thinking: binding his life to hers by sharing his heart – and his powers. As the past Angus kept locked down returns to haunt him, Erin must decide whether to save herself or take the life of the man she loves.

Read more to have a behind-the-scenes look into this story and a sneak peak into some of my sources.


Bengali folklore meet Welsh myths in London for a modern day Tam Lin.

Owen Jones would give his soul to have a future with his girlfriend, Simran Sen. His soul, however, belongs to the ancient Welsh goddess and the expiry date on his life is about to fall due.

Simran can see Owen has his ghosts, but experience has taught her life isn’t a fairytale and she refuses Owen and his gifts. When her art gets into his head, she learns there’s a whole other world Owen is caught in.

Her love could be his salvation, but is her faith strong enough to break them both free?

  • Winner of the 2014 Valerie Parv Award, Romance Writers of Australia
  • Shortlisted for the 2015 New Talent category for Love Stories Readers Awards (UK)
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