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I was unprepared. It was at a shopping centre checkout where the worst that can assail you is celebrity gossip and unwanted chocolate bars. Then a badly printed poster caught my eye. Surely not? I must be seeing things…

I looked closer. No, it really wasn’t as bad as I’d thought.

It was worse.

The local fund-raising event this coming weekend is to involve a legion of Stormtroopers and a gaggle of Disney Princesses. That’s an odd combination at the best of times, but what shell-shocked me was the sight of Princess Leia in the swishy-dress line up. Leia, Disney-fied.

Now I already knew George had sold the franchise but I hadn’t followed that aspect to its logical conclusion: meeting’n’greeting Leia at Disneyworld. I’d been too caught up in the sheer brass-neckery of his multi-billion deal neatly followed by marrying the new Disney company president. That’s having your cake, eating it, and sharing it with the family! All respect to George: he is my hero for how to make a modern myth and that’s not including the actual Star Wars stories. But more on that another time…

Meanwhile, here is the best image I’ve seen of my kick-arse heroine gone all girly.

Disney’s Princess Leia by ~bewareitbites

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  • Kirsty


    (Sorry, not feeling witty or insightful right now, will have to come back again and pretend to be intelligent.)

    • Karina

      I don’t know about not being witty: the “Noooo!” made me giggle!

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