When I write, I draw on old songs, hints of folklore and touches of myth, to help build a sense of familiarity for my readers. I want them to feel as wedded into the fabric of my story as my characters are.

I use very specific locations – almost always ones I’ve visited – because I would love readers to be able to visit them too. Or, if they’ve been there, to perhaps see the place in a different way. My favourite locations are ones that are heavy in myth, legend or folklore. To me these are Borderlands, akin to what Lord Dunsany refers to as “beyond the fields we know”.

For those who love Neil Gaiman’s stories, these places are like the village of Wall in Stardust where fairyland is just over the other side. It looks just like here. Almost exactly the same… only you know it’s not. You’ve been warned it’s different. You’ve been told not to go there.

But what if you did? Or, if not you, someone you cared about. Someone in a story…


One of the world’s oldest buildings and possibly the oldest astronomical observatory still standing. In Ireland, it’s the site of a whole run of myths and legends that every child [...]


I’m new to Conventions but I’m hooked. Last year I hit two: the Romance Writers Association and GenreCon. I was a total noob for the first and a rather more enthusiastic guest for the [...]

Window on the Past

There’s a place in Ireland that hits the headlines every year: five thousand years old and it’s still making news. Newgrange is an ancient temple in the Boyne Valley, about fifty [...]

NaNo Who Mo?

November: the Holy Month for Writers. Nearly 300,000 word fiends have signed up to global writing fest that is NaNoWriMo (that’s National Novel Writing Month for those not in the know). [...]

Beholding Beauty

Smitten, enthralled and gobsmacked. I’ve been trawling the marvellous art of one Kathleen Jennings, an incredibly talented artist I had the good luck to meet at GenreCon. And the meeting [...]

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