Unless it’s for groceries, I’m not a list person. I’m a sticky note kinda gal. These then would be my top 5 sticky notes for Books, Authors and Series.

Top Five Favourite Books

These are my ‘comfort novels’: the literary equivalent for me of rice pudding.

Top Five Favourite Authors

These are the writers I most admire for their turn of phrase, plotting, characterisation and sheer ability to tell a story.

Top Five Series

Sometimes a good yarn needs more than one book. These might not be the best I’ve read but they’re the ones I keep going back to.

  • Mordant’s Need by Stephen Donaldson
  • Wee Free Men quartet by Terry Pratchett
  • Last Herald Mage trilogy by Mercedes Lackey
  • Song of the Lioness by Tamora Pierce
  • Songs from the Seashell Archives by Elizabeth Scarborough

Top New Stuff

The problem with favourites, of course, is that it predisposes you to the ones you’ve liked for a long time. The new stuff I’ve been hooked on lately include:

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